We’re finishing off the leftover Halloween candy just in time for the sun to set before we get out of work.  Thanksgiving is just three weeks away, and soon we’ll be baking holiday cookies and ringing in the New Year.  All of these factors can negatively impact our fitness goals, if we let them.  Here are some tips for staying on track.

Plan Realistic Workouts
Because the holidays come before we know it, get ahead by drafting a schedule. This will allow you to plan accordingly for workouts and for healthy meals.  Be realistic and plan workouts that are shorter than usual.

Learn to Multitask
Combine physical activities with holiday tasks. Park farther away from the mall entrance than usual or walk rapidly while shopping.  Go ice-skating or sledding, or take a walking tour of the neighborhood to view the Christmas lights. You can also use seasonal chores such as raking leaves or shoveling snow to burn calories.

Set Achievable Goals
When assessing your schedule, it’s important to establish achievable goals for your fitness schedule. Instead of aiming for weight loss over the holiday season, aim for weight maintenance instead. This can help you keep your eating and fitness habits more constant and less stressful.

Do More with Less
You don’t always have to go to the gym to get the best results. You could use the jump rope in the garage or do sprints in your neighborhood. If you have a bike, you could ride it in the park or walk the dog. The weather can’t stop you from your goal of a healthier lifestyle.