Maine may be at the top of the continental United States, but it can still experience severe weather during the Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season, which runs from June to November and there are always storm related insurance claims during the period. During strong storms, evacuations are often recommended for residents, especially those on the coast. Are you familiar with these evacuation tips from the Red Cross?

•    When the authorities recommend evacuating, you should do so immediately. Even if you have weathered storms in the past, it is important to remember that the authorities may have more data on the risk posed by Mother Nature.

•    Along the same lines, you should not deter from the recommended evacuation route – this is could endanger your family. You are unlikely to have up-to-date information about flooding, fallen power lines, or streets blocked by debris, but city officials are.

•    Before leaving your home, make sure you are dressed appropriately. Even during the summer, it is smart to wear trousers, a long sleeved shirt, and sneakers or boots. The right outfit could limit the odds of an injury during evacuation.

In addition, the Red Cross recommends locking up your house the same way you would if you were going on vacation; this precaution could help prevent you from becoming the victim of looters and having to file an additional homeowner’s insurance claim after returning to your storm-damaged residence.