Driver behavior is the cause behind most automobile crashes, and is also the easiest cause to prevent.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, driver behavior results in many road injuries and fatalities, including the following:

• Drunk driving – accounted for around 10% of crash fatalities in 2018. Despite efforts to reduce alcohol-impaired driving, every 48 minutes on average a drunk-driving death occurs.
• Speeding – contributed to 17% of fatal crashes in 2018.
• Fatigue/drowsiness – in 2018, 2% of fatal crashes involved fatigue.
• Distractions – contributed to 5% of fatal crashes in 2018. In addition, studies showed that distractions contributed to nearly 80% of all crashes. Distractions include the use of cell-phones, tiredness/drowsiness, and activities while in the vehicle such as reaching for objects.
• Other causes – include failure to yield right of way, over-correcting, and red-light running.

We spend so much time driving that it’s easy to forget it is a highly risky activity and can become complacent or even over-confident if not careful. Practicing safe driving behavior on the road not only helps to reduce crash risk, but also Maine auto insurance claims, premiums, and costs into the bargain!