Common Auto Insurance Myths

With so many variables Insurance mythsurrounding auto insurance policies, there’s bound to be some myths created about what will and won’t affect your auto insurance policy.

Here is a list of some of the unfounded myths we’ve heard about auto insurance.

  1. The color of your car affects your insurance premium.
    You may have heard this one before. Red cars are more expensive to insure. It’s a popular myth that just is not true. Sure, the color red often has connotations of speed, but insurers will not take the color of your car into account – there are more important things to consider like the make, model and safety features of the car, as well as the driving record of the car owner.
  2. New cars are the biggest targets for thieves.
    Again, not true. It’s not usually the value of cars that attracts thieves; it’s how easy they are to steal. That’s why it’s usually older cars that are attractive to thieves, because they will not often have modern anti-theft devices installed.
  3. You’re covered if your car is vandalized or damaged by natural elements.
    This is only true if you have comprehensive insurance. This is an optional form of insurance, so if you want to be covered for these things (and we recommend that you do), make sure you take out a comprehensive insurance policy.

Not entirely sure what exclusions apply to your Maine auto insurance policy? Then it’s time to read the fine print or talk to your agent and find out.