With little traffic, low crime rates
and lots of buying options, Maine drivers benefit from low auto
insurance rates compared to the rest of the U.S.

In a recent carinsurance.com
, rates were compared for a 40 year old man with a clean
driving record, insuring a 2012 Honda Accord with a $500 deductible
for comprehensive and collision coverage. Out of the ten least
expensive cities in the the U.S., six were towns in Maine. The
annual premium was between $733 and $736, while the exact same driver
would pay $4,214 annually if he lived in Highland Park, Michigan.

The difference is determined by rating
territories used by auto insurers. The companies study the claims
records in each zip code across the country, and the territories with
lower claims receive lower premiums. “Largely
accredited to relatively low traffic density, active competition
among carriers, low crime rates and a lack of recent natural
disasters, residents of Maine were found to enjoy the cheapest auto
insurance rates.” (Jim Gorzelany, contributor to Forbes.com, in a

a definite advantage in Maine to buying insurance from an
Independent Insurance Agency. With over 30 auto insurance carriers
in the state, independent agencies have many options available and
can find you the lowest price.

addition to these reasons, the attitude of the Maine people is a
cause for good rates. In a 2010 article
for insure.com, then president of the Maine Insurance Agents
Association, Chris Condon said, “It’s a real proud culture.
People are less likely to sue than they might be elsewhere. I think
that impacts those rates over time.”

is definitely “The Way Life Should Be” when it comes to car