Buying insurance onlineWe all love the convenience of buying insurance online, but when you skip the independent agent it’s often at the expense of quality service and consultation. It doesn’t have to be that way.

At F.A. Peabody Insurance, we had a robust online presence even before the COVID-19 pandemic. With ten branches across the state of Maine, we rely on the internet to connect to our central processing and to communicate with our customers and coworkers. We built our website with features that make it easy for our customers to connect to our agents via email or online chat during business hours. Filling out an online quote request will result in contact from an agent normally within a few hours.

We represent dozens of companies and can customize your coverage based on your needs and still get you the best price. Big-name online insurance companies can’t do this. With COVID-19, we have developed even more ways to make it easy for you to buy insurance online without ever having to take time to stop into one of our offices, and we can serve you from anywhere in the state.

So, by all means, while you’re buying your insurance online, get your quote from the big companies. But take a few minutes to get a personalized quote from us, too. It’s likely we can get you the best price while also providing you with a personal agent who will look out for your best interests.

By the way, we also represent some of the big companies that sell online, such as Progressive Insurance and Allstate Insurance.