Even if you operate in a relatively safe area of Maine, you should have business insurance. A comprehensive policy could offer you more than property damage coverage. Should your computers be stolen, infected by a virus, or damaged during a disaster, you could lose all the data that is vital to your business’ operations.

In preventing catastrophic data loss, here are three tips to ensure your business’ essential data is safe.

•    At the end of each day, your closing routine should include backing up all data added to your system since opening your doors that morning.

•    You should not depend solely on a single backup method. It may be wise to make multiple copies of your information – one on paper, one on a portable flash drive, and one on an online storage site.

•    Your backups should not all be left on the premises. Doing so could result in you losing both the primary and secondary data sources during a disaster. Instead, move the backups to your home or a safety deposit box at your banking establishment.

Losing your computer equipment and data could greatly compromise your operation. Failing to have the proper insurance, however, could make a difficult situation even worse. Discuss the options available for insuring your business by contacting our agency at your earliest convenience.