Remembering Frenchie Paradis

The F.A. Peabody Company family, and the greater Houlton community, is mourning the loss of a great man, Kenneth (Frenchie) Paradis, who passed away Saturday, November 23rd. Frenchie spent much of his “retirement” as the handyman for FAPCO, working into his 80s, and left a lasting impression on all who worked with him.

Frenchie started working for the company around 1983 and loved to bring in the locally famous Sadie’s Bakery Molasses Donuts on Wednesdays for the Houlton office crew. He had a great sense of humor and loved to visit. Bob Anderson says of his friend, “Frenchie was a longtime ‘Handy Man’ for the Houlton office with a unique personality that we all enjoyed. His daily visits and, on occasion, the molasses donuts he supplied for the break room will be sorely missed.”

Frenchie enjoyed his coworkers and each of their own specialties in homemade goodies and made good use of their skills. Vicki Hagerman shared, “Being Rotary Auction time, I made my usual Molasses Date-Filled cookies last night and thought of Frenchie. He and Kathy MacDonald [another much-missed FAPCO employee] used to bid against each other for them. I would also make him banana bread, usually at this time of year—he would bring me bananas and walnuts, he loved lots of walnuts, and I would make him up 6-8 breads, for him to share with his family.” Melinda King shared a similar story, only she made pickles and jam when he brought in cucumbers and rhubarb.

Kristin Ayotte enjoyed her regular trips with Frenchie to the post office to get the company mail, and to pick up supplies for the office. He looked forward to picking her up and giving her a ride to and from.

Frenchie’s presence at FAPCO was impossible to describe, and he will leave a huge empty place in our hearts. There will be many stories shared and remembered in the coming weeks and months.

To wish the family condolences, and to find out how to make gifts in Frenchie’s memory, visit the obituary site on the Bangor Daily News website.

Kenneth (Frenchie) Paradis at our Houlton office celebrating 84th birthday last December.