Maine people are hard-working and persistent, showing ingenuity to make their personal and professional lives successful.  With a tough economy and tougher weather, making a living sometimes means thinking outside of the box and using entrepreneurial skills to create one’s own job.  As a result, small businesses are the backbone of Maine.  We are a small business that strives to provide support to other small businesses in our State.

One of the insurance companies that we represent, Acadia Insurance, wrote an excellent blog about Small Business Resolutions.  There are many tasks that need to be completed this time of year, and insurance review isn’t typically a favorite at the top of the list.  But it is very important to start your year off right by looking over your policies.

At F.A. Peabody, we care very much about your business coverage.  Take some time, review your business policies and talk to us about how best to insure all you’ve worked for.

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