From the June Newsletter of Countryway Insurance:

Credit/ Debit card skimmers are one of the most successful crimes today. Thieves attach them to or install them in ATVs, gas pumps, or almost anywhere you may swipe your cards. Anyone can buy skimmers online. Overlay skimmers are ones that fit over the card reader slot and are more recognizable. There have been cases where the entire front of a ATM had an overlay. More advanced skimmers, that are now being found, are installed inside the gas pumps, making it more difficult to detect. Unfortunately, some restaurant or store employees have handheld skimmers that you never see. What can you do to help protect your car from being skimmed? Inspect the machine you are about to use. Does the slot look out of place, odd, loose fitting? Tug on reader to ensure it is secure. Look for tamper-evident tape. Has it been torn or compromised? Scan for small pin hole camera locations that could read the keypad. Are locks being used on the machine? Do they look secured? Are there any pry marks on the device? Is the location well lighted and appear safe? Cover the pad as you enter the numbers. At gas stations, use the pump closest to the cashier.