Snowmobiling is a popular winter activity here in Maine, and is also a boost to our economy through the sales of sleds, gear and lodging to travelers who like to take advantage of our great conditions.  A winter with a lot of snowfall is what dreams are made of, and the winter of 2012/2013 is starting out great in that department.  There’s lots of fun to be had out there on our trails, but only if you first take safety into consideration.  Here are some good tips:

  • Never drive alone.  In the event of an accident or breakdown, it is always safest to have an extra person there to help.  Make sure you tell other people of your plans, as well, so they know when to alert someone if you’re not back when you should be.
  • Check weather conditions before hitting the trails.  A surprise white-out or sub-zero wind chills can really ruin your day.
  • Control your speed.  Watch ahead on the trail for potential obstacles or oncoming sleds.  Always slow down on a hill, so you can be sure what’s over it.  Even in wide open spaces, remember there are other drivers with unpredictable behavior.  Many accidents occur on the most open trails, and speed can make these deadly.
  • Stay to the right.  This seems obvious, but many snowmobilers stick the middle of the trail.  If it makes sense on the road, it makes sense on the trail.  The same principle applies to signaling!
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Beware of driving on ice.  It’s popular to ride across frozen lakes in Maine, but it is extremely dangerous.  Read more about this danger here.
  • Get insurance.  New sleds are expensive and the peace of mind is worth the call to F.A. Peabody.  Contact us here.

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