Comic collectors should consider the value of their collection and the need for insurance.

When purchasing insurance, homeowners consider a variety of things – the age, size, and location of the residence, the building materials used, the type of appliances it houses. In addition, valuable personal belongings are sometimes covered under such policies as well. While you may remember to include such items as heirloom jewelry and artwork, there may be some other things in your home that should be insured.

Comic collecting is growing more popular in this country. The state of Maine has multiple comic conventions each year where collectors can buy, sell, and show off comic books. While comics are often seen as nothing more than a juvenile pastime, the truth is that certain ones are worth several thousand dollars.

How large is your collection? Are your books kept in mint condition? Before obtaining insurance, it would be a wise idea to get your collection appraised by a respected expert. This could give you an idea of exactly how much your books are worth. The typical home policy offers a limited amount of coverage for personal possessions so if your set of comics is extremely valuable you may need to obtain an endorsement for your homeowner’s policy.

Why is it vital to insure your comics? Consider the nature of a comic – a few pieces of paper bound together. How easy could they be destroyed by a fire or water? In addition, valuable collections run the risk of being stolen. Failing to obtain coverage for your comic collections could leave you with extensive financial losses after disaster strikes.