Of course we all know we should pay our insurance bills on time, but occasionally “things happen” and that due date gets by us.  In this situation, your carrier will send you a cancellation notice.  If your bill is not paid by the date on the notice, you will lose your coverage.

There is a time and date on the notice – pay close attention to this.  If your cancellation date is, for example, December 20, 2012 at 12:01 am, that is one minute past midnight the night before the 20th.  So, if you wait until the morning of the 20th to pay, you’re too late and have already lost coverage.

Here’s a link to some of our companies’ websites – if your insurer is listed here, you can pay online at the links provided.  Call us if your company is not listed.

Please note, when you bring a payment into any of our offices, make sure you speak with someone and don’t just leave your payment on the desk.  We cannot guarantee coverage without talking to you and reviewing your situation, especially if you have a pending cancellation.

We understand that things happen – it’s our motto, after all.  We can work together to at least make this part of your life a little bit easier.