It takes just seconds for cyber criminals to commit their crimes, but the damage they do can be incredibly long-lasting.  Think about losing all of your employees’ personal information. Think about losing access to all of the data you’ve collected.   Now, think about a cyber security option that could help keep you protected.   In the event that any of your business’ confidential information was compromised, you’d have the coverage you needed to get back to business.

Your general liability policy will not protect you adequately for cyber risks.  To protect your business, consider purchasing a separate Cyber Security Insurance plan.  Most quality plans include coverage for:

  • Privacy breach costs, including notification expenses, customer support and credit
    monitoring services
  • Identity theft expenses
  • Network asset protection
  • Cyber extortion coverage
  • Cyber terrorism coverage
  • Multi-media liability coverage
  • Security and privacy liability coverage
  • Privacy and regulatory defense and penalties coverage
  • AND provide protection tips and expert advice that is available on-line 24/7.

If you would like more information on how best to protect your business from cyber crime, give F. A. Peabody a call!!