It’s a night of candy, costumes and … caution?

Halloween is full of fun times, but on All Hallows’ Eve many mishaps are possible. Not to worry. From slip and falls to fires to pet bites, your homeowners and renters insurance policies are there for you. If you have these in place, you’ll be covered for the most common Halloween B.O.O.’s, such as those listed below:

Breakage – Unfortunately, Halloween is a tempting time for vandals. Tricksters seeking mischief may come your way. If your property or personal possessions are damaged by vandalism, contact your insurance agent to file a claim. Your homeowners or renters policy provides coverage for the “trick” part of “trick or treat.”

O’lanterns – Halloween is the fifth worst day of the year for candle fires. Thousands of home fires occur each year on Halloween, the majority ignited by decorations. If your pumpkin goes up in flames and causes damage to your property, a homeowner or renters policy will cover any losses related to the fire.

Offenses – Will you be hosting a Halloween party this year? Will trick-or-treaters be visiting your home? If a guest or candy-seeking child is injured while on your property, your homeowners or renters policy will cover this as well. The liability portion will kick in and pay for treatment of injury or other damages. This also includes scenarios in which your puppy gets overexcited about all the ghosts and goblins and one of your trick-or-treaters sustains a nip from Fido.

Ensure you have the policies in place for these potential incidents; as you prepare for Halloween this year, three more items to your list: Get the candy. Get the costume. And get the coverage. Contact your insurance agent to verify your policies are current and include the necessary coverage for this season.

With this settled, you can enjoy the treats – and be ready for the tricks.