Lawns are starting to grow. Lakes are warming up. ATV trails and campgrounds are opening for the season. It’s time to bring out the Maine summer toys! It’s important this year, more than ever, to enjoy the great outdoors safely and with peace of mind.

If you are dusting off your recreational vehicles, remember that they are not necessarily insured under your current home or auto policies. For instance:

• ATVs and boats – ATVs (including UTVs) and boats are covered for limited liability under your homeowners policy, but need their own coverage for physical damage. In most cases, especially off your own property, they also need their own liability coverage.

• Trailers – Your tow behind camper and utility trailer have liability coverage under the auto policy for the vehicle towing them, but they also need their own coverage for physical damage. Accessories may not be covered without specifically adding them.

• Tractors – Depending on their size and usage, tractors may need special attention from your insurance agent.

• Motorcycles and motor homes – They are licensed for the road and are required to have liability coverage, but may not be eligible to be covered under your standard auto policy.

• Classic cars & sports cars – As they are often stored for the winter, coverage can be suspended during that time. Don’t forget to call and put coverage back on before you hit the road!

• When in doubt, call, chat online, or send an email to your agent to make sure you’re covered.