Nice back yard with lighting and fence

Summer is prime vacation season, but nothing ruins a fun time faster than a break-in at your home while you are away. Criminals often look for signs that homeowners are on vacation. To help keep your home secure while on vacation, follow these essential tips from F.A. Peabody Insurance.

Make Your Home Look Lived-In

One of the best ways to deter burglars is to have your house appear occupied. Here are some strategies:

  • House Sitter: If possible, have a friend or family member stay at your house. Hiring someone is also an option, especially if you have pets. This can be more cost-effective than boarding fees.
  • Neighbor Assistance: Ask a neighbor to collect your mail and newspapers, water your plants, mow the lawn, and take out the trash.
  • Light Timers: Use timers to turn lights on and off at regular intervals, making it look like someone is home.

Enhance Home Security

Making your home harder to break into is crucial for keeping your home secure while on vacation. Consider these measures:

  • Lock Everything: Ensure all doors and windows are locked before you leave.
  • Garage Door Opener: Unplug your garage door opener to prevent a universal remote from accessing it.
  • Remove Hidden Keys: Burglars often know the common hiding spots for keys, so it’s best to remove them.
  • Home Security System: If you don’t already have one, consider installing a home security system. This can be a strong deterrent against potential break-ins.

Be Cautious with Technology

In the digital age, it’s essential to be mindful of how your online activities can impact home security:

  • Social Media Silence: Avoid posting about your vacation on social media until you return. Even with strict privacy settings, information can inadvertently reach the wrong people.
  • Location Settings: Ensure your location settings are turned off on your smartphone to prevent revealing your whereabouts through photos or posts.
  • GPS in Vehicles: If you leave your car at the airport, don’t leave your GPS in it. A tech-savvy criminal could use it to find your unoccupied home.

By following these tips, you can keep your home secure while on vacation and enjoy your trip with peace of mind. Remember to save your photos and share your adventures once you’re back home safely.

For more information on home security and insurance, contact F.A. Peabody Insurance, your trusted agency in Maine. We are here to help you protect what matters most.