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Winters are long, and sometimes we might doubt it, but Spring happens in Maine! It really does! Mud and melting snow

However, although Spring in many parts of the world is full of color, flowers, and fresh aromas, Spring in Maine is mostly just…a mess.

Spring in Maine is often called “Mud Season,” because melting snow and heavy rains turn everything to muck.  Frost heaves make roads bumpy and full of potholes. Rocks are flying at windshields. Let’s just say Spring is hard on vehicles.

It’s also hard on our homes. Spring brings not only mud, but water, and lots of it. Water can cause a lot of damage to your home. What is covered by homeowners insurance, and what isn’t? We’ll outline it a bit here, but please talk to your agent about limitations and more details.

  • If your roof leaks, damage to your ceilings and walls is covered, with limitations.
  • If a pipe leaks, damage is covered, with limitations.
  • If your basement floods, damage is NOT covered.
  • If your sump pump fails, damage is NOT covered.
  • If drain pipes back up, damage is NOT covered.

Here is the good news. Many of these things CAN be covered, on your home and auto policies, with a quick call or email to your agent. Not an F.A. Peabody Insurance customer? We’d be happy to go over your current insurance and make sure you have the coverage you need at an affordable price. After all, we are all glad Spring Happens in Maine, as long as we are prepared for it!