Men of Tyre Scott Walton, President

Men of Tyre
Scott Walton, President

BY: Scott Harriman, Agent, F. A. Peabody Insurance

The Widows Sons Motorcycle Association was founded in Illinois in 1998 with the mission to help widows and orphans of Masons. The Masons are a fraternal organization whose origins date back to local fraternities of stonemasons. Since 1998, the Widows Sons has grown to be a significant division of Masonry throughout the U. S. with 8 chapters in the State of Maine since 2010, when it was chartered and approved by the Grand Lodge of Maine. Each state has a charter for all of its members and elected officers.

Their goal is to always uphold the morals and values of Masonry, acknowledging that they are Masons first. Similar to the Masons, a member of the Widows Sons may join any chapter he selects within the state of Maine, regardless of
where the Mason resides. Any Master Mason may join any state chapter he chooses if, in most cases, they meet the following requirements; attend at least one meeting, attend one ride before being voted on and that potential
member’s bike is a minimum of 500cc’s. The insurance must go through the Grand chapter.

Including all 8 chapters, there are now approximately 300 active Widows Sons members in the State of Maine. Each chapter hosts events from spring through fall to raise money for several different benefits, with in excess of 15 events during the riding season. Money is raised through rider fees for attending the ride and various programs that take place during the events. All charity rides are open to the public. Scott Walton, past president of the Men of Tyre, the northern Maine Chapter, stated “In recent years, we have held charity rides to benefit the Presque Isle Homeless
Center, The County Dialysis Center and Cary’s Camp Adventure.”

When these gentlemen start their engines, there is always more than one winner. Great job Masons!

Scott Harriman is an agent specializing in commercial and personal insurance.