Are you at Risk for a Burglary?

Burglary is one of the most common crimes in the U.S., and is very unsettling for the homeowner. It is inconvenient to replace stolen items, and heartbreaking to lose irreplaceable items. In addition, burglary leaves homeowners with a feeling of violation and fear that is hard to overcome. The best solution is always prevention. To best prevent burglaries, it helps to assess your risk.

According to ADT, a security system company, research shows that burglars often case a property for up to 24 hours before breaking in, to determine the residents’ habits. If you often leave a window open or door unlocked, this greatly increases your chances of burglary.

A group of convicted burglars reported that the number one item sought is cash, followed by jewelry and illegal drugs. The number one reason for committing burglary is to seek money or easily-sold items in order to buy drugs.

To prevent burglary, consider the following ideas.

  • Rethink any hidden keys you have placed outside in case you are locked out. Experienced criminals are usually good at checking the usual hiding places. Those who must have a key outdoors might consider a lock box solution, or consider a keyless entry system.
  • Never announce on your social media or voicemail recording that you are away from home for a certain period of time. Limit that information to only those who really need to be aware of your absence.
  • If you have an injury or medical procedure that may require narcotic pain medication, limit who is aware of that situation.
  • Tell a trusted neighbor when you are going out of town so that he or she might keep on the lookout for any suspicious behavior. Cancel your mail and newspaper delivery for any extended trips, as piles of letters could tip off potential burglars to your absence.
  • Always keep the receipt and details of any valuable item you buy. This may help by not only proving your ownership of the item, but by aiding law enforcement in the tracking of stolen goods.
  • Have both interior and exterior lights on a timer to give the illusion of an occupied residence while you’re away. Place a few strategically chosen lights to keep energy costs down.
  • Consider a home security camera.

With homeowners insurance, you may be spared the financial burden of theft. By taking steps to prevent crime from happening, you may be able to also spare yourself from the emotional stress of a burglary.

Three things homeowners should do to prepare for a burglary.