Umbrella coverage

An umbrella policy can cover your home, auto, boat, recreational vehicle, and more!

Everyone is at risk for being the target of a personal liability lawsuit, potentially for millions of dollars. But some people are more at risk than others, especially if they have substantial assets.

Here are some real life liability claims that could happen to anyone:

“A babysitter left a 5 month old infant unattended in a walker. The infant toppled the walker, struck her head on the floor and suffered brain damage. The parents of the infant sued the teenage babysitter and her parents. The court awarded the infant’s parents $11,000,000.”

“The insured hosted a beach party for their daughter. One of the attendees found what was believed to be an empty and discarded propane tank. The tank was thrown into a beach bonfire and subsequently exploded, resulting in severe injuries to several guests. A $20,000,000 claim was filed alleging the insured failed to properly supervise the party.”

“A teenager, who was destined for greatness as a softball player, filed a $700,000 lawsuit against her former coach, alleging his ‘incorrect’ teaching style ruined her chances for an athletic scholarship.”

How much are you at risk of being sued? Complete our personal liability risk scorecard to get a rough idea. To really find out, meet with an independent insurance agent or broker. Liability coverage is the most common and serious area of underinsurance, according to our survey of independent insurance advisors. And it is much less expensive than most people think it is.

 Here is a link to an umbrella policy video that may help you understand that coverage better.  Many of our clients carry umbrella coverage and find it a very inexpensive added protection to help protect their assets.

Here’s the link to the Personal Liability Risk Scorecard. For best results, open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Once the form is completed, the total score will give you an exposure level to help you decide

how much you are at risk of being sued.

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