Everyone is at risk for being the target of a personal liability lawsuit, possibly for millions of dollars. But some people are more at risk than others, especially if they have a lot of assets. Here are some real liability claims that could happen to anyone:

“A babysitter left a 5 month old infant alone in a walker. The infant toppled the walker, struck her head on the floor and suffered brain damage. The parents of the infant sued the teenage babysitter and her parents. The court awarded the baby’s parents $11,000,000.”

“An insured’s daughter hated math class as well as the teacher. The daughter made several ‘disparaging’ and false remarks about her teacher online. The teacher sued the parents for personal injury and $750,000 was paid.”

“The insured hosted a beach party for their daughter. One of the guests found what was believed to be an empty and discarded propane tank. Someone threw it into a beach bonfire and it exploded, causing severe injuries to several guests. A $20,000,000 claim was filed alleging the insured failed to properly supervise the party.”

“A 28-year old engineer dove into a friend’s above ground swimming pool, struck his head on the bottom, and as a result became a quadriplegic. He sued both the homeowner and the pool manufacturer. The court found the homeowner to be 60 percent responsible and the pool manufacturer to be 40 percent responsible, and awarded $10,000,000.”

“A teenager, who was destined for greatness as a softball player, filed a $700,000 lawsuit against her former coach, alleging his ‘incorrect’ teaching style ruined her chances for an athletic scholarship.”

“The insured allowed several of her children and their friends to play paint ball in her large back yard. The children were experienced and advised of all the safety rules including the use of head gear at all times. A participant removed her head gear as she was leaving the field in order to better hear someone calling her name. The minor was hit in the eye resulting in a $475,000 settlement.”

How much are you at risk of being sued? Complete our personal liability risk scorecard to get a rough idea. To really find out, meet with an independent insurance agent or broker. Liability coverage is the most common and serious area of underinsurance, according to our survey of independent insurance advisors. And it is much less expensive than most people think it is.

Get the coverage you need before a real liability claim happens to you.

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