Most families with school-aged kids find the motivation to get back on track and into a regular routine this time of year. I have two school-aged sons. One is turning 16 and entering his junior year of high school. The other is 5 and starting Pre-Kindergarten. Each of these stages brings new challenges to our family from an every-day life standpoint. There are also new challenges from an insurance standpoint.


My oldest son has been practicing driving for almost a year. As soon as his birthday arrives in a few weeks, he will send in his paperwork to get his drivers’ license.  Then I will once again have a licensed teenager on my auto policy, along with my 19 year old daughter. I wrote about my daughter before, and recommended a driving contract with your teenager. I need to follow my own advice and print off another one for my son.

Life & Health

My youngest son is unique because before he met our family he was in the foster care system. His early experiences affected his development, so we are treading carefully into the world of education for special needs children. We recently became his permanent, legal guardians, so an insurance review is definitely in order. We are responsible for managing his insurance for his various health needs, and are in the process of making sure he is a beneficiary on our life insurance policies.

Home (and Auto) Away from Home

A lot of college kids are moving back to campus now. If you have a kid living away for college, there is limited coverage for their belongings under your homeowners or renters’ policies. Make sure they are covered! If they have a vehicle with them, it may affect your auto insurance. If they are at school without a vehicle, you may be able to change your policy to reflect them as an occasional driver only. Give a quick call to your agent to find out your best course of action.

While you’re getting back into a regular routine, take a few moments to review your insurance needs and be prepared for another great year!