Whenever you get on the road, there is a risk that you might get hurt or that you might hurt someone else. This is why having solid personal injury protection coverage on your auto insurance is important.

Personal injury protection covers the costs of injuries sustained by you or passengers in your car.  The protection essentially covers three main costs – medical expenses, loss of income and the much harder to define “pain and suffering.” The latter will depend on how serious the injuries are and the vulnerability of the victims. They may be elderly or they may have existing medical conditions that magnify their distress.

The amount you can be reimbursed for will depend partly on the limit you put on your coverage. The higher the limit, the more compensation you may be able receive. There is no general rule surrounding the amount of the settlement received relative to medical expenses. All claims are resolved on a case-by-case basis.

It’s important to remember that if you are injured, those injuries may require treatment over a lengthy period, and might also prevent you from earning your regular income for some time. While the chances of significant injury in an accident are relatively small, the repercussions can be severe, so a good level of personal injury included in a Maine auto insurance policy can be an important aspect of financial protection.