Flood or Water Sewer Backup


When the water rises with the snow melt in springtime, it can creep uninvited into your home in a few different ways, including through flood and water/sewer backup.  What’s the difference?  Let’s start with what is the same about them:  They are not covered by your standard homeowners’ policy.

Here are the key differences:


1. Flood is defined as an overflow of water that submerges land which is usually dry. Floods happen when coastal or inland bodies of water overflow, or water seeps through the ground during snow melting or heavy rains.
2. Coverage requires a separate policy altogether from your homeowners insurance.
3. Many programs have waiting periods before coverage is effective. Some as long as a 30 day wait. Shop before Spring arrives!
4. FAPCO offers some plans with limited waiting periods for those last minute shoppers!

Water/Sewer Backup

1. Water/Sewer Backup is defined as a reversal in the normal flow path of water in your plumbing system. Basically, the water is forced backward due to an obstruction in its path, such as a collapsed drain pipe or back up of the sewer line.
2. All homeowners have an exposure to water and sewer back and do not need to be in a flood plain for an accident to happen.
3. Most homeowners’ policies can be endorsed to include this coverage on a limited basis.
4. The premium is quite reasonable. Most endorsements are less than $50 for the base limits.
5. FAPCO highly recommends adding this coverage. Call us today!!